10 Best SideQuest Games For Oculus Quest – Download The Best Sideload Games Now

Best SideQuest Games

SideQuest is a desktop app that allows you to install third-party games on your Oculus headset. There are certain games that are not available on the official Meta store for you to directly download the game to Oculus. 

Sideloading is absolutely safe, however, since you’d be loading games from third-party software, you have to make sure that they are compatible and can be trusted. 

Below you’ll find the best SideQuest games for Oculus Quest. 

Best SideQuest Games For Quest

It’s no fun if you can not even install an amazing game that everyone has been talking about to your Oculus. It’s even worse if you’re missing out on some of the best games out there. 

Here are some of the best SideQuest games that you should look into if you love spending time on your Meta headset. 

Some you might not have heard of, but all of them, you’d enjoy playing. 

#1. Gorilla Tag

One of the best SideQuest multiplayer games available on Steam, if you like a fast-paced game that involves lots of running, jumping, parkouring, evading and chasing. 

Quite simple to understand and free to download, Gorilla tag involves running from infected gorillas through jungles or cliffs, hanging around with friends, and chatting them up.

Gorilla tag VR

You don’t need any stick, button or teleportation and only require locomotion action using hands and fingers.

#2. Pavlov: Shack

A little violent as can be expected from any game that involves gun shooting, Pavlock Shack is a fast-paced and again a great multiplayer game for Oculus Quest 2

Except for some issues with kids ruining the game and doing the team killing, the game is fun to play with the right people. 

Pavlov Shack

It involves realistic weapon mechanics, social game modes, supports touch controllers and only requires standing or sitting space to play. Due to its gaining popularity, the game can now be downloaded from the official Meta store too. 

#3. Tea For God

Tea For God is customizable gameplay where you have to utilize your own feet and allows no teleporting or sliding. Even when this is the case, it adjusts according to the size of the play area, no matter the size.

It offers two options: Arcade and Roguelite. They are both adventurous with differences in advancement levels like playing with devices you discover in the case of Roguelite.

Tea For God

The game is based on a person losing their family and blaming the Emperor of Gods for their deaths. The game follows a tragic path of looking for answers in a place where no human lives and taking revenge.

#4.  Half-Life VR (Lambda1VR)

Half-life VR allows the players to use two-handed guns that can be used to limit the spread, melee Crowbar, grenades and supports Blueshift and Opposing Force.

Half-Life VR (Lambda1VR)

The VR options include a comfort mask, left-handed mode, and smooth and snap turns.

Here’s the installation guide for Half-Life VR:

  • Launch SideQuest Desktop application
  • Look up Lambda1vr.
  • Select “Download (Sideload)” in order to download the port!
  •  After this, install the HD files
    • Create a folder, and name it “xash” in Quest.
    •  Copy the entire “Valve” Folder from the HL Steam installation to “xash”. 

#5. Duck Hunt

Remember playing the classic “Duck Hunt’ from 1985? The amazing game that we used to play using the game controllers on our TV has been reinvented to the VR version.

duck hunt

Imagine playing the amazing game with a fully immersive experience on your Oculus Quest 2 headset.

You can play the mod versions to add some challenges or simplify the game. With some more updates, this fun game could become one of the most loved and best SideQuest games for quests. 

#6. Touring Karts

Touring Karts is an online multiplayer game with zero wait time. Here you can race against AI while your rivals enter the game. The KART-type racing games have been reinvented to Touring Karts to allow you the fast-paced racing thrills.

Touring Karts

Full of chaos and surprises, you have 3 views to choose from dizziness-free, 3rd person classic view and an immersive first-person view. It includes 3 online game modes: Unique Daily Cups, Custom Play with your Friends and Random Play.

#7. Attack On Quest

Inspired by Attack on Titan, ATQ is a free-to-play multiplayer game fully compatible with Quest. It has a new forest level, a female Titan Boss, ODM stunts, and a ranking system.

Attack on quest

The game does require some improvements but with just a few updates, this game will start ranking among the top 5 SideQuest multiplayer games. 

#8. Descent Alps

Descent Alps is a SideQuest skiing game that is played with whole body movement. You have to shift. Hunch down and make quick turns to lean into curves, and look down the slopes of steep mountains.

Descent alps

The VR game will allow you to immerse yourself in this exhilarating adventure without having to leave your room. With three difficulty settings- easy, normal and hard, to set your own course and add challenges as you become more comfortable with the game.

You can even relax and take a walk around with background music adding to the fun dynamic of the game. Or you can ski down the slopes at times enjoying the feeling of being in mid-air and enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

The latest updates have been impressive and add a lot for you to pay attention to as you speed your way down the different courses through the gates avoiding damage. There’s plenty of challenge to really fine-tune your runs down the course.

#9. Home After War

I would consider this a little sad because of the story the “Home After War” has been built around. It is a room-scale, interactive virtual reality experience.

home After War

You are taken to a city that was, until recently, under Islamic State (IS) control, Fallujah. The war has left the city feeling unsafe with the constant fear of booby traps and IEDs.

Through this, you can immerse yourself in the VR and explore what Ahmaied Hamad experiences after returning home once the war subsides.

Basically, it is not just a game but someone’s story involving disturbing content and should only be watched if you have a high tolerance to such traumatic viewings. Through Home After War, you get to hear the tragic story of Hamid’s loss and fear.

#10. Hyper Dash

Even before it came to the official oculus store Hyper Dash had long been one of the most popular multiplayer titles on SideQuest.

Hyper Dash

Hyper Dash is a solid fps that made its mark early on and managed to foster a healthy community of players. It is a multiplayer team-based shooting game. The game is all about speed, grabbing the ball from mid, sprinting and shooting it to the other team’s goal and scoring points.

The game is suitable for most VR users it relies little on smooth locomotion and primarily uses dash teleportation and an on-rail movement system.

Despite the high-speed turning and movement inherent to most shooters, the teleport mechanic is well suited to those who haven’t entirely developed their VR legs. Yet, once properly understood, players will need to utilize the erratic movement granted by this teleportation to improve their chances.

Install SideQuest VR Games on the Oculus Quest

Oftentimes we want to upload applications that are unavailable on the official app stores or unapproved. Mostly because they are free or might not be considered compatible. 

So before I begin talking about how to even install the best SideQuest Games on Oculus Quest 2, I would like to remind you of the fact that I’ve mentioned in this post a few times, that sideloading is absolutely safe. 

As usual, you have to be aware of what you are uploading to your VR headset and pre-examine the configurations and compatibility, but otherwise, you are good to go. 

So, let me just tell you how to install SideQuest VR Games on the Oculus Quest headset:

  1. First off, download SideQuest compatible with your OS from the official site.
  2. Then, run the installer
  3. After it has been installed, you have to enable USB debugging.
    1. Open SideQuest app
    2. Connect Quest to your system via USB
    3. Click on Allow USB debugging on Quest 
    4. Confirm- Always allow from this computer
    5. Click OK
  4. Now you’re ready to install the best SideQuest games, just click on the app and start exploring.


There are many other Oculus Sideload Games that you can download to your Oculus. But these were some of the best SideQuest Games that you must try out at least once. I am absolutely sure that you are going to love them. 

As I mentioned there are various SideQuest games for Quest, but which one is your favourite and which do you think we should have mentioned in our top #10 list? Do mention them in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to them out and mention my review.

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