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We are a group of dedicated AR / VR enthusiasts who keep in touch with the latest information on mixed reality products. Each member of our team has a background in interacting with augmented reality and virtual reality for research, work, and hobby. We provide the best AR and VR content for our readers and want to showcase the best new products in this area.

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What you can find on AR / VR Tips

We focus on both augmented and virtual reality hardware and software. Some of the things you can find on AR/VR Tips are:

  • Reviews of the latest AR and VR hardware and accessories
  • Lists of the best games and things to do on your VR headset
  • Tutorials on how to mod VR games, download updates, and configure your system.
  • Deals on augmented and virtual reality
  • New Kickstarter campaigns in the AR/VR space to watch

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